Objectives of the Trust

Realizing the importance of financial management across all strata of the society and the fact that some of the Namibian women entrepreneurs and in particular Namibian Girl have not been exposed to financial management principles. This Trust is created amongst others, to provide such exposure.

Specifically, the objectives of the Trust shall be to raise funds and use them in the promotion of inculcating prudent financial management tenets amongst the beneficiaries in the Republic of Namibia with specific emphasis on the underprivileged Namibian women. It focuses mainly on the following:

  • Financially support girls in pursuit of tertiary education specifically in the fields of study related to Economics, Accounting and Chartered Accountancy
  • Mentor women in managing finances by introducing them to basic financial management principles.
  • Promote morale building programmes for beneficiaries
  • Support entrepreneurial initiatives that will benefit the Namibian girl child, thus preparing them for future management of finances
  • Promote any activity which in the opinion of the Trustees is in support of the formation of this Trust.

Finance Model